namc ys-11

In 1970s, all domestic airlines are dominated by the YS-11. Up to 100 YS-11s were flying over the Islands in its peak. Because the airplane was the first, and the last maybe, native airliner, somebody may say that only the fact brought her the victory in Japanese domestic market. But actually a twin turbo prop airplane with 60 capacity was valuable even in the world, and its economical design stood unrivaled. Even the best seller Fokker F27 had only 40 seats and 4 engine the Vickers Viscount barely had 64 seats. Then ANA replaced old F27 with the YS-11 one after another.

Not only in the domestic market, but some YS-11s were exported to Asian and American market. The reason that the number of YS-11 sales was limited in overseas might be; Japanese aeronautical industory was not well known to others, and the geometrical location was a real hurdle to run this kind of business, especially in its after-services. If the Boeing had dealt with the YS-11, she would have been sold much more around the world.

Consequently the total amount of sales are less than 200, and she did not go down in aviation history. But still now she is working for some Japanese local airliners' and shows her reliability and long-life.

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1. Japan Domestic Airlines' YS-11A-307(JA8713)
2. YS-11-104 of Civil Aviation Bureau Ministry of Transport used for flight rute inspection(JA8610) , the first delivery.
3. YS-11-115 of Aeronoutics College for pilot training (JA8711)
4. YS-11-111 of All Nippon Airways (JA8660)
4 pictures above were taken at Haneda Airport around 1968

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4 pictures above show the YS-11s ready for ferrying overseas. At that time every time I visited Haneda, I saw valieties of beautiful paint scheme.
5. Peidmont Airlines the biggest customer of the YS-11 in foreign countries
6. Austral Airlines
7. VASP and Cruzeiro airlines
8. Aerolieas Argentinas

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Even in 80s the YS-11 was still vigorous
9. ANA's YS-11A-513(JA8744) landing runway-B in Haneda Airport (circa 1981)
10. Towa Domestic Airline's YS-11A-212 (JA8709) at Memambetsu AP in Hokkaido (Mar.20 1982)
11. Domestic Airlines' YS-11 (Feb. 1 1970)
12. ANA's YS-11A-208(JA8697) takind off in a mist over Hachijo Island (circa 1984)

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3 pictures above show today's her activities in JAS(Japan Air System) seen at Kagoshima Airport (Nov. 28 1998)
16. Japan Coast Guard's YS-11A-207(JA8701) seen at Haneda Airport (Aug. 21 2005)